I have woven many plots and dreams inside my mind but this is the first time that I will pen down a story. have always wanted to pen down my crazy imagination but always failed to deliver. The stories were never perfect, the plot would keep changing. There were so many reasons for not writing them yet I decided to go ahead, and give it a try because, why not? I am not sure if it’ll ever be read, but if I am unable to release what’s inside, then why did I ever waste time thinking about it?

I realised whatever I write should make sense to me, it should give me happiness and because I was semi-convinced with the plot I decided to share the chapter 1 of my story, “The Other World” here.

Do leave in a feedback if you think it made sense. Chapter 2 will follow the next week. Hope you all like it!

Unrequited Love

Love, no matter how strong will always be inconsequential against time!

He never left her side, made her his only mission,

Woke up next to her,

Every morning with determination…

Their lives, perfectly entwined,

Her happiness always made him smile…

Her hopeless demands,

The never-ending fights…

He happily gave in; she completely defined his life.

This love became habit,

Habit that eventually turned into compulsion.

Rather than living with her, he started to live for her,

A million calls in the day,

And constantly checking on her at night,

This became such an integral part of his life.

But love doesn’t continue forever,

People leave, she was summoned early.

As he sat next to the deceased figure,

He still expected her to smile,

Life isn’t always decent, and habits take a long time to fade…

the phone calls will now be unrequited,

& her side of the bed will be empty, always…

He doesn’t know how to act anymore,

He doesn’t know how to survive anymore…

Leaving home is a task and coming back doesn’t feel right…

Times like these remind us,

Love, no matter how strong will always be inconsequential against time!