The Other World – Chapter 2

Only the Village shaman Esa can bring the kids inside Ustah, wrapped in clouds, inside a corpse lilly……

Chapter 2 – Fate

Those that cross our path were supposed to, we were always meant to meet. Some we recognize and some recognize us. How soon? That is determined by destiny, did you smile when you met? Or did you just pass by each other? Did your eyes find another gleaming pair, or did you feel an inevitable aura? So many times, we don’t acknowledge the crowd. That woman you helped cross the road, was there for a reason. The car you hit and the people you got into a brawl with were also supposed to meet you, it’s all predetermined because somewhere in the crowd there’s this somebody that is supposed to be a part of your life. Did you identify them yet?

The second chapter of the story talks about the other world, called Ustah and all the important characters related to Sarah.


Ustah is a quiet little place, the natives call it their world, but the population is less than that of a village. The natives here have permanent job, that has been passed on to them from generations. Ustaians live by rules and follow them religiously. The heads Aksi and Bura have remained in their position since the time immemorial and all their kids have successfully moved away to another world.

The Ustaians are a quite tribe of people that don’t know malice, they are all kind and look out for each other. Ustah is called the world in between.

Ustah is a place that is brimming with children and youngsters because the children, when they die early on earth can’t be sent to heaven, they need someone to comfort them, to soothe them, hence god created this little world for them to grow old in. This is a place that gives children memories that can be taken to the afterlife. This is a place between heaven and earth. This is the place where the deceased understand the meaning of family. Ustah is concealed, as a diaphanous glass ball. Only the dead can see it and the purest of the souls can enter it. Only the Village shaman Esa can bring the kids inside Ustah, wrapped in clouds, inside a corpse lilly and for every kid that’s raised well the Ustaians get to live a longer, more prosperous, and happy life.

Things moved methodically till the time he arrived, he changed the course of the wind and the life of the people of Ustah, they had never seen an aura so bright and the village shaman Esa fell in love with him on the day she went to pick him up. He wore a tag named Brenon, and walked up on his own to Esa, he smiled at her and told her to pick him up, when Esa picked him up he murmured, “mom”. Esa, completely taken aback, told him he could call her his aunt, but he smiled at her and said, “I choose you as my mother.” Ever since Esa was besotted by his small, yet humble appearance.

That boy, Brenon

They say he was beautiful, so beautiful that it was difficult to take eyes off him. When he arrived at Ustah, he was only five. Aksi, immediately fell for the little kid like Esa but Brenon refused to call her mother.

One day, while reading stories to the other kids Esa received a letter from Bura requesting her to journey back to the earth and to bring back with her a kid that had recently met with an accident, the kid was only 5 and was severely injured, which meant that Esa would have to be gentler in every way. She left immediately and when she arrived at the hospital realized that this accident had affected 3 families, the worst hit was brenon’s family because both Brenon and his mother had passed away. She went from room to room and found Brenon inside an OT, he was engrossed looking at a C-section, and just when Esa entered the room, the room reverberated with sounds of a baby crying. Brenon saw the baby covered in blood and immediately Esa covered his eyes and took him outside.

Brenon had the brightest aura of all, he was intelligent and witty. Making him understand things was easy but he was a little rebellious. He would always be curious about things and people and would question everything. He questioned Bura and Aksi and would sometimes even question the creation of God. There were days when he’d vanish, and would either be found meditating or sleeping near a small lake; it sometimes took days to find him and sometimes it even took weeks. Brenon would talk about life and people and had a different perspective on everything. Unlike others he had a gift that only Esa was aware of, he could travel between the worlds and even talk to people on earth in their dreams.

Brenon was seven when he started taking interest in the people around him. Aksi doted on him and would never allow him to go anywhere all alone, he was mostly accompanied by Esa. Aksi had delegated the duty of the village shaman to another tribe member, Ura.  Esa’s only role now was to look after Brenon. Even Bura didn’t understand this obsession, he never let Aksi get attached to any kid before, but Brenon felt special. He could do everything and could go anywhere. Esa followed Brenon everywhere hence she knew his whereabouts and that’s how she discovered his special abilities. She once overheard him talk to a living baby and was shocked, this wasn’t how things happened in their world. The dead shouldn’t contact the living, that would disturb the entire ecosystem, the living person could never wake up from their dreams or may even suffer from the trauma. Brenon was too young to realize this but Esa knew she had to tell him this.

Brenon saw her again, she was such a beautiful baby, he couldn’t get over her. Every night in his dreams he’d sing to her, read to her, realizing little that he was captivating her and was captivated by her. He soon grew so fond of her that he decided to find her. Esa always stayed near brenon as if fearing the worst. Then one night when the entire tribe was asleep, he disappeared in thin air. Soon what followed was hysteria, the quiet place was no longer peaceful the happy people looked remorseful, Aksi had gone into a deep sleep, she refused to get up and if she didn’t their world would change forever.

Esa, was blamed and was banished to enter Ustah again, She would be allowed only if she was able to bring back Brenon and she had to do it all before brenon was 20 years old, she had a lot of time in her hands but Brenon could be anywhere and she couldn’t teleport again, she had lost some of her abilities.

The Other World – Chapter 1

Dreams and yet another one, she woke up flustered searching for her phone in the dark & saw the time, it was still 3:15 am sharp. Took a sip of water from the bottle lying at the edge of the table and breathed a great sigh of relief. Turned on the lamp, then tossed and turned around. Today’s dream was crystal clear, and she could see through it like it was happening for real, but she couldn’t acknowledge the people she saw, yet that overbearing smile leeched onto her mind. Who was he? She wondered that too, someone familiar yet unknown. Whoever it was, she was bound to meet him soon, that was certain. She would meet him even if he didn’t want, she’d meet him even if she hides, she’d meet him because the people that occurred in her dreams oddly came to life.

Sarah was diagnosed with high fever when she was just two years old, the fever remained for days. She was too young to explain her plight. Her parents, devastated, did everything possible in their reach to ensure the pain lessened. She cried straight for days; her parents were slowly giving up on the doctors and the treatment seemed futile. Then one day the doctors gave up on Sarah. On the seventeenth day, her parents welcomed home an unexpected visitor, they had never seen before, an old lady. That woman didn’t look like she was a part of this world. She had a gaunt face and wide eyes, eyes that shone like they were harboring secrets. She wore a blue choga and she introduced herself as the shaman of some gypsy tribe. She was in a state of unrest, and begged Sarah’s parents to allow her to meet Sarah. The distressed parents wanted to give it a try and allowed the shaman to enter Sarah’s room, what followed next changed their lives forever.

“Mom, why do I have these scars on my hands?” asked an eleven-year-old Sarah. “Oh, these are just birthmarks, Sarah. You were born with these.” “Wow, these are so beautiful mom, it’s like a chain around my wrists, I wonder if there’s anyone with a chain like mine”. Jessica’s face turned pale on hearing this, sooner or later she will have to tell Sarah the truth, the truth about her existence, the truth about surviving, the truth about never meeting him. Sarah turned twelve the next month and as a ritual, her parents took her camping in the woods. She took along her best friend Stacy with her, they had been friends for long and she was more than a sister to Sarah. Her parents had planned to cut cake at 12:00 and were whiling away time next to the river, her friend was busy preparing for the big surprise and because Sarah knew about it, she decided to go inside the tent to speak with her cousins. While talking to them she dozed off and by the time she woke up it was already morning, she found it weird. Why didn’t they wake her up and what happened to the surprise? Startled she got up and walked out of the tent, but she couldn’t see her parents or Stacy, she panicked a bit and tried calling them at that moment she saw a boy collecting branches of wood. Intrigued she asked him if he had seen her parents, all he did was smile. The smile, it put her mind to ease. He didn’t say much but directed her t follow him, like a lost puppy she trailed him down the meadow. Suddenly she saw more people, but they all looked different. They wore different attire, they were all beautiful, it was an ethereal sight. She smiled back; she still followed the boy. Suddenly she tripped over something and cut her arm, it singed badly, how could it when it was only a cut? This place looked weird, where was she and why was she following him? She still got up but everything around her changed. Where was she? Suddenly she confronted a blinding light, she couldn’t keep her eyes open any more and then he appeared, he smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “we’ll meet soon.” She just smiled back and before she could say anything he disappeared, at the same spot stood a lady, aged yet graceful. “Happy Birthday Sarah, you look beautiful, the tribe has been waiting for you, I hope you’ll give us all a chance to greet you.” “where are my parents?” she asked. “Don’t worry they are waiting for you, at the campsite, today was indeed special and that’s why we thought of meeting you. The last ten years we have only lived anticipating your arrival and today now that you’re here we will tell you something you should know and remember.” “Am I dreaming?” asked Sarah, a bit scared of the situation. The old lady then sat on a rock and started telling Sarah the truth, “Yes, Sarah it’s a dream but that’s the only way we can communicate with you. Long ago we were banished to enter your realm, ever since we have only been trying to find ways to meet you. Sarah, you belong to our world but because we are trying to save you, we have left you with Jessica and Robert, your parents from the other world. From this year onwards you will dream, even when you’re awake you’ll dream. Don’t fear the dreams because they may seem like dreams to you but in actual, they are real. Somewhere, they are occurring.” “Its so confusing, I don’t understand. Please let me wake up, I want to go back to my parents, please”, said a perplexed Sarah. The lady exhausted said,” Sarah soon you will wake up, but you won’t see me the next time. Remember the boy you saw, keep trying to find him even if I am not around. He is the only one who can bring you back. It’s unfortunate but we’ve lost you both and he only lives in my memories now. In our world the souls are entwined at birth. He was born before you and he chose you so you can never marry anyone else. It’s a curse in your world because anyone you date or marry will face consequences that are unknown. You need to remember to not marry anyone but him.” The lady looked completely worn out now, “Sarah, please promise me you’ll remember his face, it’s important you meet him, otherwise misery will befall you when your turn 25, and you might end up losing everything dear to you including your life. Also, I will now never appear remember I am your unfortunate mother.” Slowly the old lady started turning into a woman not more than 30, Sarah was amazed at her transformation, the people around her turned into beautiful, bright beings. Everything glowed around them, they all smiled at Sarah and said unanimously “we’ll wait Sarah.” Suddenly they started disappearing and at that moment Sarah held on to the corner of the lady’s dress, “why? Please tell me everything.” The lady smiled in despair at her and said, “Soon, Sarah! Just focus on finding the boy, we don’t know where he is. Also, know that your father and mother were bewitched but your mother remembers what happened when you were two, so if you ever need a confidante she will be there. I will now only appear on the day you’re able to recall the incidents of the unfortunate night. I love you little one, and I will protect you for as long as I can.” Suddenly she saw the bright light and realized it was Stacy flashing the torch on her face. Stacy had an uncanny smile on her face. As Sarah walked out of the tent, she realized the vile reality she was only twelve of course the dream couldn’t be real! She laughed inside her head and blew the candles on the cake, but she couldn’t forget anything, did she dream, or was it real? Just when she was wondering this, she felt a stinging sensation in her arm and saw a singed mark that was never there before.

©Prakriti Kundaliya


I have woven many plots and dreams inside my mind but this is the first time that I will pen down a story. have always wanted to pen down my crazy imagination but always failed to deliver. The stories were never perfect, the plot would keep changing. There were so many reasons for not writing them yet I decided to go ahead, and give it a try because, why not? I am not sure if it’ll ever be read, but if I am unable to release what’s inside, then why did I ever waste time thinking about it?

I realised whatever I write should make sense to me, it should give me happiness and because I was semi-convinced with the plot I decided to share the chapter 1 of my story, “The Other World” here.

Do leave in a feedback if you think it made sense. Chapter 2 will follow the next week. Hope you all like it!